The Three day Timeline Transformation Seminar – “The way to the life you really want”!

When: 26th – 28th October at the Journalist Village (next to Larnaca Airport) in Pervolia village.

Language: English with Russian translation.

Trainer: Jack Makani who have been teaching the “Create the life you want” process for the last 30 years.

Participants – Everybody with a normal mental health can participate in this seminar. It is for people who really wish to achieve some deeper personal transformation and it is for professional coaches/therapists who intend to use the processes in their professional praxis.

Program of the days:

1st. Day:
• The model of the world and the Concept of Timeline. What is reality?
• Training the state of deeper rapport to clients.
• Exploration of own timeline.
• How to find a specific event.
• How to clean up for negative emotions and limiting decisions with someone else.
• Demonstration of how to do.
• Training practical use of Timeline Transformation.
• Journey to the Cosmic Library.
• Questions and closing down 1st Day.

2nd Day:
• Follow up on 1st Day and Demonstration.
• Training practical use of Timeline Transformation.
• Introducing Timeline Floor Transformation.
• Demonstration.
• Training Timeline Floor Transformation.
• Timeline journey into three deeper levels of consciousness.
• Questions and closing down 2nd Day.

3rd Day:
• Follow up on 2nd Day.
• Training Timeline Transformation with client (chose you own version)
• Releasing of co-dependency – How to get more emotional freedom.
• Finding the Vision and Mission.
• The “Creating the Life you want” process.
• Creative combination on Timeline Transformation.
• Questions and closing down.

This training can be part of your NLP Coach Master Practitioner certification.

You can write/contact us any time with your questions.
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