Give yourself a real gift – Join our NLP Coaching Master Practitioner in OCT/NOV in Cyprus.

Language: English with Russian translation.

Prerequisite: If you are an NLP Practitioner or a Self-Coach Practitioner and wish to take your next step!
Then we have a special offer for you: A NLP Coaching Master Practitioner in Cyprus. It consists of 2 sections

1) A personal transformation section 26th – 28th October. You will experience the power of Timeline Trance Transformation (TTT) and Timeline Floor Transformation (TFT).
This are two very effective methods to work with the human mind. TTT is a trance model working with the Past, Presence and Future. It will teach you how you can remove negative energy from events in your past and how you can use the power of the mind to create what you want in your life.
TFT is both a self-coaching and coaching model enabling you to remove negative energy from events in the past. Its very effective to neutralize traumas and similarly negative events.

2) How to assist a client with coaching and personal transformation. This takes place from 30th – 3rd November. The content is:
30/10; Deeper rapport. The mind as a hologram. The Art of Coaching at different levels of abstraction.
31/10: Working with beliefs. Working with values and inner conflicts in the mind.
01/11; The overall structure in the mind – the Metaprograms and how to use them in client work, teambuilding and employment.
02/11; Core-Transformation and Wholeness and how to use those fabulous models in client work.
03/11; Modeling of expertise. Assisting yourself or a client to integrate new resources.

Both sections take place at the Journalist Village next to Larnaca Airport in Pervolia, Cyprus.

Trainers are
NLP Masrer Trainer Jack Makani
NPL Trainer Svetlana Charkovskaya

You can write/contact us any time with your questions.
[email protected] 
Facebook: Jack or Svetlana