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A message from Jack Makani

Dear Friends
Upgrade of the Akasha System.
The speed of transformation at the unseen levels are accelerating very fast and my sister and I have very recently been blessed with 3 new Akasha symbols for the Akasha System.
As some of you may remember this system has been upgraded 4 times already during the last 20 years following the raise in vibration on the planet and now it is about to become what we can call version 5.0.
It is 3 new symbols and they will be integrated in the three first levels – Akasha 1, 2 and 3. The new symbols have been tested ready on the Akasha Training which took place at Mt. Shasta in California (See picture) very recently. They are both beautiful and very powerful - you will love them.
Our first chance to pass them on to people was the Akasha Training in Cyprus in November 5th – 10th. We have normally not charged a fee for upgrade of the Akasha System and instead we have used Akasha seminars, sessions and meetings for that. We will do this also this time.
See You soon.

Jack Makani

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Jack’s Blog …

Akasha with Jack Makani ONLINE

Dear Friends - in April Makani Academy has finished the first online Akasha Training ever. It was a wonderful surprise to realize that the online initiations during this training confirmed our initial test result - it works and it works good. We were a smaller group...

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Makani Academy travel to Peru

Initial Program for Makani Academy travel to Peru in February. (ниже на русском) “When the greatest masters of this planet walked the Earth, you could see the feminine within their masculinity.They were soft and you could see it in their eyes. They reflected that...

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Timeline Transformation Seminar October 26 -28, 2019

The Three day Timeline Transformation Seminar – “The way to the life you really want”! When: 26th – 28th October at the Journalist Village (next to Larnaca Airport) in Pervolia village. Language: English with Russian translation. Trainer: Jack Makani who have been...

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Тренинг Акаша на горе Шаста в Калифорнии 4-8 сентября 2019

Дорогие друзья! Мы со Светланой приглашаем вас присоединиться к нам в Америке с 4 по 8 сентября, на тренинг Акаша на горе Шаста (Калифорния).Это особое место: место открытия, место для получения сообщений из незримого мира, место, где можно узнать свою роль...

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About Jack..

Akasha Practitioner

Jack Makani is the Founder of Makani Pvt. Ltd. and President of ACA. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1943. From his youth he enrolled into the Danish Army and rose to the rank of major before He quit in January 1991. At that time he has specialized with a psychological education at the Defence Academy in Denmark. An unexpected divorce with his wife at the age of 46 brought him into the field of personal and spiritual development. He began this education with learning NLP. In the field of NLP, hypnosis and psychotherapy his teachers were: Ole Vadum Dahl (Denmark), Tad James (USA), John Overdurff (USA) and Julia Silverthorn (USA). In 1991, Jack left the army to devote himself entirely into coaching and psychotherapeutic work. In 1998, He was internationally certified as a Master Trainer of NLP.

In 1993, Jack began his studies in the Polynesian shaman tradition of Huna on Hawaii. In the same period, he also got initiated into the Reiki healing system.

To be continued…..

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~ Testimonials ~

Dear Jack.
I'd like to say thank you for a great teaching at the big international training of trainers in Armenia. 
We were 14 days under your teaching, care, atention, love & professional control.

The studing was hard, but intense.

You teached us a lot of useful things.

Now I know how to use my voice, body, rapport, the 4MAK- model, the methaphors and many more. 
You showed us not only NLP, but much more.

Thank you for your magic lessons, big heard and a wonderful aura.

I wish you and dear Svetlana Charkovskaya good luck, great love and thankful students.

Irina Kimkova

“Thank you so much Jack for a unique experience and care! It was a very exciting journey in time. A lot of emotions and emotions. Personally for me, these two and a half days are priceless!”

Marina Zavgorodnjaja

Akasha has for me been the most effectful way of dealing with stress and anxiety. Akasha provides me with great tools helping me to find back to my core self, when the world gets too busy and demanding. Reminding me of the importance of my breath and my state of mind, heart and body.

Marianne Bigum

Professional Fundraiser, Bigum Consult, Denmark

~ Testimonials ~

Makani has been an invaluable support and part of my journey during the last 12 years and has really made a difference in my life as human being and as professional.  I am deeply grateful for that.  I have learned to help myself – and help others – using NLP and Akasha, which is an effective and gentle way helping people change, transform and unfold. 
Now NLP and Akasha are invaluable part of my daily work as a Psychotherapist. 
I have had the best teachers. 


Karin Nilsson

Intl cert. Psychotherapist. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Just recently ended the training training with jack makani in Cyprus, where I gladly met old friends and acquired new ones!
It was 6 days of learning and, most importantly, that almost every minute of these days was filled with awareness and understanding of their own thoughts and actions.
Friends, I have been very pleased to learn from you: love for nature, the ability to be in the moment “here and now”, unconditional love with all the heart, the ability to go beyond your own opportunities, magic in every moment, the lightness of the perception of
Thank you so much for this experience Jack Makani and all of you!

Margarita Telunts

~ Testimonials ~

The Akasha Healing & personal Empowerment System is for sure the best blessing. It has changed my life for good.

Dorthe Gyldenkaerne

Psychotherapist, Akasha Master healer, NLP, Enneagram & Holistic Trainer, Ad astra

When I came across the title “Akasha Training” some years ago, I had no external clue on what transformations, going to the seminars, would bring into my life. Yet, in some mysterious way, I felt something inside me trying to reach my attention, stronger than I never experienced before. I was called from the inside of my physical being, to act now, on what I haven’t been able to act on earlier in my life. I was finally ready. It was time.

Jack Makani, with his long professional career in personal development on the deepest levels, helped me to awaken the deepest part of me that have been sleeping for ages. So openhearted, so full of respect for every person present, a safe place was established for me to release my deepest traumas, connect to my inner wisdom, strength, courage, and trust in myself so profoundly, that I don’t even have the words to describe it.
Illusions are falling apart even long after, and I am becoming more present in the now, with every breath I take as the days go by. As a byproduct of that, I am now able, to use the mastery of true personal transformation, create the life that I want, and help others to do the same themselves. I cannot describe it. It just has to be experienced. My deepest and most sincere recommendation, that I have ever expressed in words are going to Jack Makani and his team of healers all over the world. If you like me, have this voice from within, trying to call you, please listen.

Kristian Brandt

Coach & Holistic Master Healer, Copenhagen, Denmark

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