Dear Friends – Svetlana and I invite you to join us in America at September 4th – 8th 2019. We are going to teach an Akasha Training at Mt. Shasta in California those days. 
This mountain is very special. Its a very special place. a place for openings. A place to open for messages from the unseen level. A place to find out what will be your role in this new world which are about to become manifested. What task will you take on which you have already qualified to – maybe even without knowing it. 
Mt. Shasta is an old mystical sacred mountain and spending time there creates openings to the unknown in ways we find no other places. 
I can say that because I paid a visit in 1999 and my teaching business exploded after that.

What will be your benefits?

  • More connection to your spiritual guide
  • More personal power
  • Less heavy or negative energy in body
  • Better Intuition
  • More info about the mission you have chosen
  • Less fear for the unknown
  • A system for self-healing
  • Getting rid of implants
  • Knowledge about how to communicate with your body
  • How to align yourself with the collective Ascension process
  • How to continue the process back home again. 

How to apply

  • You write us with your enrolment and receive an invoice at 650 Euro. 
  • You need Visa for USA
  • You show up for the start of the Training at 10.00 the first day 4th September. 

at Best Western Plus Double Tree in Shasta City 111 Morgan Way
Mount Shasta, California 96067
United States

Toll Free Reservations (US & Canada Only)
1(800) 780-7234
Worldwide Numbers

Hotel Direct Number
(530) 926-3101

You can accommodate here or at some of the other hotels in the area. 

Transport: We suggest to rent the car at arrival to San Francisco. Rented cars are the most flexible and we suggest 1 car for each 3-4 persons. We already have group in WhatsApp for your convenience for opportunity to communicate with another participants. Just ask Svetlana and she can add you to this group. 

Here is the program: 

  • 4th – 5th September will take place at the Best Western hotel. We will do cleaning processes, Initiations and special meditations. 
    • Lunch and afternoon coffee are included
  • 6th -8th September will be for excursions in the mountain area and connections to the unseen level/channeling. 
  • We finish the Akasha seminar 8th September at around 18.00.

You can extend your stay before 4th or after 8th September in your own way.

You can write/contact us any time with your questions. 
[email protected] 
Facebook: Jack or Svetlana

To learn more about Shasta mountain