Akasha Healing/Holistic Training

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Success in a faster and faster changing and competitive world also takes more understanding of who you are at the personal level. To stay balanced during a stressful day becomes a lot easier when you feel yourself connected to that core of yourself we call the spirit and feel the peace inside yourself which follows from that.

Makani Akasha Training has been developed for the modern woman/man by Jack Makani. The training increases the balance between body, mind and spirit and provides you with tools to maintain psychical, emotional and mental balance. Students will learn to communicate with the unconscious mind to discover and balance them selves. They will learn to heal others as well and combine this with the use of psychological methods for change work like NLP.

The training is based on Jacks 20 years of experience working with personal transformation. It provides students with more intuition and creativity to meet the challenges of modern life. It takes you deep inside yourself and reveals hidden resources ready to set free.

Who can benefit from Makani Akasha Training? Actually anyone, who would like to take self development from the psychological level into the level of connection to energy and the spirit. The Akasha Training goes behind the rational mind and into the wisdom, love and power that exists behind the psychological mind. This gives less stress and more calmness in daily life and provides the student with a feeling of being connected to her/his inner being.

Who will you meet at the Akasha Training? You can meet all kind of people. You can meet young people and elderly people of both sexes and from several countries.

Watch this interview with Jack Makani about the Akasha Trainings below;