Jack Makani is in Moscow for Akasha Healing & Training

Preview Text: We offer: Timeline Transformation Seminar, Executive Coaching, Healing and Akasha Initiations, Unique NLP Self-coaching Practitioner Training and more

Our Training Highlights

Timeline Transformation seminar in Moscow 29th – 31st March

  • Jack Makani teaches again his highly effective Timeline Transformation seminar those 3 days.
  • A must for professionals and very transformative for others with a little experience in Personal development.
  • Jack will introduce it as a free online masterclass March 6th and March 18th. Both time it will be at 20.00 – 21.00. Moscow time. Find more info about this unique seminar and enroll for free masterclass here: http://timeline-makani.ru

Both the 3 day Timeline seminar and the 2 masterclasses will be in English with Russian translation.

Jack Makani offers executive coaching, healing and personal Akasha Initiations in Moscow 3rd, 5th and 8th April

  • For more info and appointment call Svetlana Charkovskaya  +7 9856414737.

General information

For all activities with Jack Makani here: http://akasha-coach.com/makani-schedule-engl