Trainer and Partners

International Trainer
Jack Makani
Mr. Jack Makani is the founding Chairperson of Mankani Academy and International Coach and Trainers Association (ICTA). He is an internationally certified NLP Master Trainer who has trained and certified several hundred NLP Practitioners, Akasha Practioners and Trainers in many countries. He is a healer and trainer in personal and spiritual development. Jack Makani is a former Army Major in the Danish Army with a degree in psychology education from The Defence Academy (equivalent to a BA) and has been working as a trainer and therapist in a number of countries since 1990. He has founded several healing and NLP institutes in Europe, Russia and published books, DVDs and CD about personal and spiritual development. (follow him on facebook). 

During the last twenty years Jack has taught personal development to thousands of students in many countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Island, Iceland, Russian Federation, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, India, Nepal, US, Armenia and Cyprus. Co founder of NLP Huset (the NLP House) in Copenhagen in 1990 and NLP Huset in Oslo in 2000 Jack Makani recently developed Hug and Heal campaign to provide psychological first aid service to the earthquake survivors in Nepal and people around the world.
The philosophy of Jack has always been that; even though NLP is useful, it can by no means stand alone in psychotherapy. He therefore very early began to integrate the works of other fields into his trainings and especially in the therapeutic practice. However, as he found that NLP attracts a lot of people that might not have been attracted to other forms of courses in personal development, he continued to make NLP training, while all the time broadening the view of what NLP is. Even though he thus attracted a lot of business people and even named some of the trainings “NLP Business Practitioner”, the main focus has always been on deep personal development, and on integrating new ways of thinking. During the last 24 years he has trained thousands of people in NLP and Self Coaching, and hundreds of them have been trained in the Akasha System. Jack has written a couple of books in the Danish language and the English "Self coaching the 7 steps to your Self" which goes with videos and Audios (See the shop)

Dorthe Gyldenkaerne
Ms Dorthe Gyldenkaerne CEO, partner and Trainer Makani Academy, has more than 20 years experience specially training and coaching. She holds extensive experience in Akasha Healing System, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She has been living on the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean for 25 years and started her own company in 2007.
She is managing Makani Trainings in Northern Europe and teaches spiritual and personal development. Dorthe is living at the Faroe Islands, educated as teacher and has been teaching for more than twenty years in public school. She is also NLP & Enneagramtrainer and Psychotherapist. Since 2007 she has been co-owner of Faroese HR-Company (follow her on facebook).

Irina Karopa
Irina Karopa is an internationally certified Master Trainer of NLP and Enneagram, Master Coach Gestalt-therapist and Professional member of International Coach and Trainer Association (ICTA). Ms. Karopa owns the company Vektor Rosta in Moscow. 
The pioneer and one of the leading trainers of Enneagram in the Russian speaking area, Irina Karopa is conducting trainings and professional certification courses on Coaching, NLP and Enneagram since 2006. She is translator and publisher of C. Naranjo's "Character and Neurosis" and H. Makani's "Enneagram: Your Path of Personal Development".

The pioneer in the sphere of professional online teaching husband and co-trainer Egor Karopa was first to introduce professional teaching courses on Enneagram and Coaching online. (follow her on facebook).