Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. General

The following terms and conditions apply to all supplies ordered through the Makani Ltd. shop. Conditions apply in cases where there are no other written agreements between the customer and Makani Ltd.

The prices in the shop are displayed including VAT – unless otherwise stated. Imposed Danish VAT of 25 % unless the purchase is exempt.

VAT exemption is obtained for
  • Firms in the EU ( outside the U.S.) by sending a valid EU VAT number.

To register as a business customer with Makani Ltd., you must:

1. Register as a business customer by entering the relevant information.

2. Notify Makani Ltd. of your business customer / VAT exemption status by sending an email to shop@makani.com.

  • Outside the EU – individuals and companies.

To register as a private customer, resident outside the EU and with VAT exemption with Makani Ltd., you must:

1. Register as a regular customer by entering the relevant information.

2. Notify Makani Ltd. of your private customer resident outside the EU / VAT exemption status by sending an email to shop@makani.com.

2. Prerequisites

To act on the Makani Ltd. Webshop, you must:
– Click the ‘accept’ box in the order process to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions,
– Be 18 years old or over.

3. Ordering products

In order to complete an order for goods, the Makani system will ask you to provide information about your name, email address, postal address and credit card. The information is recorded only to settle your orders and will not be used for any other purpose.

For more information about security, refer to item 6 below.

Prior to placing an order, you will see a list of the items you have selected, the prices of those items and the total invoice amount (including shipping costs).

Once you have placed your order you will receive an invoice which you are recommended to print and keep as proof of booking.

Once we have processed your payment, you will receive a receipt.

Delivery time
We ship twice a week, meaning that the supply of goods in stock usually take place within 10 days.

Receipt of goods
Once you have received your goods, please check them against your invoice. Any damage during transport is covered by Makani. If you notice any defect or damage to the goods, immediately or within 14 days of delivery, contact Makani on .

Privacy Policy
Makani Ltd. understand and respect the importance of privacy on the Internet and will not disclose information about customers / users to third parties. Makani Ltd. will not sell your name, address, email address, credit card or personal information to any third party.

See below for complaints.

4. Payment

Payment for goods ordered through our shop can be made by online payment through PBS using the following cards: VISA, eDankort (direct online bank payments via most Danish banks), MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron and American Express.

The payment is deducted only once the goods have been shipped.

If the item can not be delivered or is rejected due to damage or defect or if you are utilizing your right to cancel, cf. paragraph 6 below, the amount invoiced for the product will be returned to you by bank transfer, on receipt of the returned items.

5. Online payments

Our online payment partners use encryption technology, allowing only PBS systems to read information about your credit card. Details for payment will be sent in encrypted form and are not saved or stored.

You are not responsible even for the misuse of your credit card, unless you have violated the rules for their use.

6. Returns

To cancel an order before it is dispatched, simply send an email to shop@makani.com.

A private individual has the right to cancel the purchase up to 14 days from the delivery date. If you use this right to cancellation, we will refund the entire amount, including outgoing shipping costs.

The purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs associated with returning the goods to us.

The invoice amount for the product will be returned to you by bank transfer on receipt of the returned items.

Goods to be returned to Makani at the address below – see paragraph 9.

7. Complaints

As customer in our webshop you have 24 months guarantee/right to complain according to the consumer protection legislation. In the case of any faulty or damaged items, please immediately contact us at shop@makani.com

A replacement product will be sent promptly at no cost to you. If you are asked to return the faulty item, Makani will refund the postage costs associated with this.

When reporting a fault, please provide the following information:
– Order number
– Name
– E-mail address

8. Liability

Makani cannot guarantee that the site is error-free and fully functional at all times. As a result, Makani cannot be held responsible for missing or erroneous deliveries due to instability or problems with internet connection, etc.

Responsibility for the product purchased from Makani passes to the customer upon delivery.

9. Cookies

Makani.com uses cookies to enhance customer experience. See your personal cookie preference and our full Cookie Policy.

10. Privacy Policy

By using our website and services, such as making purchases or sending personal information via our site, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

11. Contacts

All inquiries about purchasing should be addressed to Makani by email or phone:
Tel. + 45 45 86 40 45
E-mail: shop@makani.com

Return of goods must be made to:
Makani Ltd.
c / o Berggreen
Rungstedvej 115
2960 Rungsted

VAT No.: CY10153736