Description of the Training
We are experiencing a kind of big change in the cosmic energy on the planet these days. Things have been accelerating a lot the last number of years. We have climate crises and stronger hurricanes. We have had and still have a huge change in technology. We have new ways of communication – the social media – change of family structure and world economy as well and a lot of other things. Some people called it progress and some people call it a disaster depending on where we put our focus. And of course that make a lot of people feel stressed and confused. The cure to that is to look into yourself and adjust your personality to this new kind of life. To find out who you are at the deepest level and to align yourself - your personality – your energy to the new living conditions. Not only to the psychical living conditions but much more to the energy at the unconscious level. That takes personal development and there exist many offers today within that field.

One of the effective systems for that is the Akasha Healing System. It is a very transformational system for personal development and has been created for the modern man/woman to align with the change in energy and vibration taking place at the planet and open for the multiple possibilities that the new time offers to everybody. The training will make you more centered and make it easier for you to live in a still faster changing and competitive world. The training expands your inner communication to also include the Conscious-, the Subconscious and the Higher mind. This creates a deep understanding of who you are and what is your mission in life. This makes it a lot easier to create total focus on what is right for you and to achieve that. Watch a video of the Akasha Healing Training

How is it organized?
We offer altogether 13 seminars from Akasha level 1 and all the way to the highest level. You can stop after level 1 and still benefit from it. You can take a break in the seminars whenever you want. The system is totally flexible. The Akasha seminars take place as a World Wide network of seminars and you can simply join in when you find it appropriate. We offer the seminars in such a way that all levels can participate in any seminar. That means that the more experienced students assist in leading some of the exercises with the less experienced students. And because of that the price for participating become lower the higher level you go to.

Why should I do this?
The Akasha Healing System has been developed for the modern woman/man by Jack Makani. Watch a video presentation of the Akasha Trainings The training increases the balance between body, mind and spirit and provide students with tools to maintain psychical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Students will learn to communicate with the Subconscious Mind to check out and balance them self. They will learn to listen to and understand the messages from the spirit – their own inner core. And for those who continue to more advanced levels they will learn how to heal others as well and combine this with the use of psychological methods for change work like Neurolinguestic Programming (NLP).

Ok! But who is behind this?
The Akasha Healing System consist of 27 healing symbols. Each of them represent a specific quality or resource. Each one is connected to a special kind of energy. The symbols are primarily used with the so called chakra system which has a huge impact on our wellbeing. The symbols have been channeled by the Master Trainer Jack Makani and his sister Annmarie Bremer who is a Danish spiritual healer. The creation of the system took place in August 2001. Interview with Jack Makani, he explain what akasha healing is. Why? What? How?

Who can benefit from the Akasha Healing Training?
Everybody who would like to move from the understanding of plain psychology and further into the spiritual level. Watch here to know what other people are saying about the training The Akasha Healing System goes behind the rational mind and into the wisdom, love and power that exists at the deeper levels. This gives less stress and more calmness in daily life and provides the student with a feeling of being connected to her/his inner being.

Who will you meet at the Akasha Training?
This training attracts people from many different professions –young people as well as seniors. Also people from different countries, cultures and languages. We normally work with interpretation. .

Prerequisites for participating
– 18 years old and being curious upon yourself is the basic motivation for most students.

You will learn about;
- The 11 chakras and how to keep them open and clean in daily life.
- The three minds and how to have them work as a team.
- The Subconscious Mind and how to have close relationship to that.
- How to maintain perfect health
- How to balance your own energy
- How to communicate with your Higher Mind
- The 5 elements behind physical manifestation and how to use that yourself
- How you find your core values and personal mission
- How you create goals and create the life you want
- How to adjust your belief system so it supports your goals
- How you negotiate conflicting internal values
- How to release heavy or negative energy and balance yourself in line with the upcoming new time.
- How to stay present and maintain focus during a busy and stressful working day

During the seminar days we use different dynamic dances and meditations. We also use a special breathing to activate a cleansing process. We work with connection to nature. Cleaning up the energy with Timeline Change techniques. With letting go of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. We work with the anchoring of the healing symbols into the energy and how to use them in daily life.

The seminars are very experimental. Nobody are alike and you will be looking for your special way to get most out of the exercises and how to use the symbols. 

No seminars are totally alike. They take place in different surroundings and nature and the structure can have some variety. However most of them are organized like this:
1st day: The nature of the three minds – the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind and the Higher Mind. Explore the Chakra system in practice. Dynamic dances and meditations. 
2nd day: Morning yoga and meditation. Loosen up for negative emotions with a special breathing technique and dynamic dancing. Cleaning out negative emotions with timeline and more. Higher Self connection and how to communicate with the Higher Self.
3rd day: Morning yoga and meditation. Explore the five elements in praxis. How to balance your personal energy. How to communicate with the Subconscious Mind and elicit unbalances like limiting beliefs, internal parts and illness. In the end of the day the student receives the first nine healing symbols – primarily for healing oneself.
4th day: Morning yoga and meditation. Work with healing symbols in praxis for both yourself and with others. Practicing healing. 
5th Day: Excursion to nature energy spot (often in a mountain area) how to practice a more intensive connection to energy in nature and how to achieve resources and empower yourself from that.
6th day: Morning Yoga and meditation. How to find the mission of life. How to live a healthy life and maintain it. How to create the life you want.

How often can I take these seminars?
You need at least two month in between the seminars to make sure that everything have been integrated from the previous one.