Jack Makani

Jack Makani

Founder of Akasha Empowerment and Healing System
Founder of Akasha Coaching Alliance
NLP Master Trainer

Makani International
2, Nikitara str.,
4040 Limassol
Ph: +357 9658 9709
E-mail jack@makani.com
Web: www.makani.com
Svetlana Charkovskaya

Svetlana Charkovskaya

Full Certified Trainer of Akasha Healing System
NLP Trainer
Enneagram Trainer

Makani International
2, Nikitara str.,
4040 Limassol

Ph: +357 99135763
E-mail svetlana@makani.com
Web: kiprusnlp.com
Julija Kubova

Julija Kubova

* International Coach & Trainer Association (ICTA) – certified business coach, certified coach, certified NLP trainer, certified Enneagram trainer.

* Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) – doctoral studies in the specialty “Educology” (“education”).

* Mykolas Riomeris University (Lithuania)– master degree in Coaching and Human Resources management. .

* Glamorgan University, (UK)- Master degreen in Marketing.

* VU Kaunas Faculty of Humanities – Bachelor degree in foreign languages (English and Russian languages) .

* Non-verbal communication and influence – Michael Grinder, USA.

* Akasha Coaching alliance (ACA). Аkasha trainer and initiator.

* Insitute of Hoffman – “Process of Hoffman”. (Childhood trauma transformations).

Working experience

Created my own Training “The path to yourself along the Curonian Spit” ” 2016 – 2019

* Created psychological performance “Nine life lessons”. Author, performer.

* Training “Enneagram” (practitioner and master). 2014 – 2019

* Training “Coaching and NLP” 2015 – 2019

*Partner of Jack Makani and Makani Academy (co-trainer, translator, representative in the Baltic States and the CIS).

* Non-profit organization “AlterEgoTrainings” director, trainer.

* JSC “Aldiavita”, head of the Vilnius region.

* JSC “DAAR academy”, director, business coach, consultant.

* Vilnius University International Business School lecturer – “Negotiations” and “Business Communication”.

* US Embassy in Lithuania “Women’s Academy of Entrepreneurship” project manager, business trainer, consultant.

* Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania “Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Georgia” (2012) and “Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Moldova” (2011), project manager and business trainer.

* Organizer and leader of the EU project “Development and Continuing Education Program for Leaders, Managers and Service Personnel in the Field of Tourism Business” (customer “Ministry of Education and Enlightenment of the Republic of Lithuania”);

* “VU International Business School”, head of the center for business education.

* “Center for Cultural Exchange and Youth”, head of the marketing department.