That’s one of the very good questions isn´t it? First of all I think it works differently from person to person. I think that it sometimes may be a communication from your deeper inner core – what we also call the spirit, the Higher Self, Higher Inspiration or maybe simply the deeper creativity. Never mind whatever name we use history has demonstrated that communication can take place with a kind of unseen world and we can benefit a lot from that if we have access to this channel.
A lot of you have heard some of my stories already – however they can be shared more than one time. 27 years ago I left the Danish Army to run my own business. I was in a situation of divorce from my wife and didn´t really knew what to do – I had a feeling that something totally new was waiting for me around the corner – but what? I didn´t know.
I had taken the Defence Academy´s degree in psychology so it was natural for me to go further into psychology and start at a therapist training. It was a very intensive therapist training and it turned a lot of my belief system upside – down. I started to change my identity a lot. I realized during this period that someday I would just quit my secure and somewhat well paid job as an army major and start my own business. I did not knew when – I just knew it would happen.
Some month later I were jogging in a nearby wood in the autumn. Beautiful Sunday with leaves coming down from the trees in several colors. While sweat was dripping from me during the jogging I suddenly heard a kind of voice inside my head. The voice said: “It´s now”. The voice was followed by a very warm feeling in the middle of the chest – the heart area. Of course it was my own voice and still the tonality was different from the normal inner dialog. The warm feeling was new to me – I had never experienced that before. Right after the message my inner critic started up and presented all the obstacles that I would meet and why I should not do it. However in some peculiar inner way I knew that this was the sign I had been waiting for. So I went home and wrote my resignation and left the army.
What was it that I had experienced? It has many names I think. Some call it the spirit, or the higher self. Some call it Higher Inspiration and some call it the deeper inner creativity. Whatever it is – it is a kind of communication from some wisdom inside us and to our brain.
I have never regret that I trusted this communication back in time. I sometimes have played with my imagination about how life would have been if I had stayed until normal retirement – it would have been a sad life. Was it always easy? Not at all. I met plenty of obstacles along the way. I remember especially one of them.
When I left the army I had the idea to teach leadership and management in private companies. It did not worked at all. I was all too much a therapist for that. To start my business I had taken a loan in my bank and I could not really repay it. So one day I got a letter from bmy bank manager the he need a meeting to discuss my financial situation. I really got scared that he planned to close me down and I needed to go back to the army again – It would have been terribly embarrassing to me.
So I went once again into a nearby wood and sat down upon a trunk and reflected on my options. How could I get out of the upcoming bankruptcy? While I was sitting in the wood I suddenly heard the voice inside my head again: “From now on you will always have what you need”. Of course it was still my own inner dialog however with that special tonality and once again followed by the warm feeling in the heart. Once again I decided that it was a message from my spirit and started to trust it. Because I trusted it – it became a belief in my mind and the nature of a belief is simply to confirm itself. So I started to attract more clients into my life and ever since that day I have to some extent always had what I needed. There has been ups and downs for sure, however I had never really believed I was in real trouble.
The inner voice did not promised that I would become a millionaire – it just promised that I would always have what I need – and honestly what more do we need?
Later on this kind of communication became more a kind of daily habit. And in Makani Academy we have focused a lot upon supporting our students to develop their own way of this communication. Life becomes so much easier when we realize that deep inside we have a kind of advanced personal coach (so why pay for that) which is always present and ready to assist us. We just need to open this special channel and keep it open.
The Akasha Empowerment & Healing system is one way to achieve that.