Self-coaching - The Seven Steps to a Mindful Life

Watch intro video about Self-Coaching 

The Self Coach trainings are and advanced concept, teaching you how to meet the challenges of modern life, how to stay mindful and balanced in a stressful job and how to get success and stay congruent with your core values.

There is no prerequisite for attending the training except an interest in finding your personal “manual” to the most unique piece of creative device ever made: your own mind!

The training program is highly dynamic and experiential. You will train how to stay present in the Now (mindfulness), which increases your ability to experience and enjoy life even more. You will clarify your core values and come closer to the answer to the old questions: who am I, where do I come from and what am I supposed to do? You will also train meditation and self-hypnosis to empower yourself. We will assist you with Timeline Change exercises which remove internal blockages and open up for the energy to flow even more freely inside your personality. You will become even clearer about what your real mission in life and how to focus intensively on this.

The Self-Coach Training is a 7 day training which offers you to be a person who can create whatever you want in your life and still respect the right of others to do likewise. You will learn a number of psychological techniques which will enable you to perform better than ever during communication and negotiation in your daily life and thus get the results you want. The training is dynamic, inspiring, challenging and blows the limits. “No matter who you think you are – you are much more than that”!

The 7 days are organized as a process which takes you into knowing yourself and what you want:

       Day 1; Take responsibility for everything in your life

       Day 2; Know who you are

       Day 3; Stay present in the Now

       Day 4; Clean up your life

       Day 5; Live from the Heart

       Day 6; Decide what you want;

       Day 7; Empower yourself and pay attention

Your Benefits
From this training will be practical tools for better handling of daily communication and negotiation. Deeper understanding of who you are and which mission is right for you. More presence when you are having daily conversations. Tools and knowledge of how you can transform limiting beliefs preventing you from getting what you want. You will become better to respect other people and find your own ethics.

You will create a clear plan for how to achieve your mission and also integrate a number of tools to empower yourself when you need that.

This program is one of the basic training programs of Makani Academy and fulfilling it makes you ready for the Master level.

The concept of Self-coaching has been developed by Master Trainer Jack Makani, who has worked with self-development for the last 21 years. Jack is a certified NLP Master Trainer, Life-coach and Master Healer. He is the worldwide founder of the Akasha Healing System and has been teaching NLP and Akasha Healing to thousands of people in many parts of the world.