Akasha Training, Montenegro

Akasha system is a unique system of spiritual development and energy healing, created by the deserved master in the field of spiritual and personal development Jack Makani (Denmark). 
Akasha's practices are based on the use of 27 powerful energy symbols , each of which has its own unique function and purpose. The symbols were received by Jack directly from his spiritual mentors and are the result of more than 25 years of spiritual search and learning in various traditions around the world. 

The system is aimed at:
- Maintaining physical, psychological and spiritual health
- Establishing a connection with higher spiritual forces
- Understanding and realizing your life mission
- Development of energy healing skills to help yourself and others 

How is the training conducted?
Training in the Akasha system consists of a number of outreach trainings. Each training is aimed at deep internal transformation and includes:
- dynamic dance-motor, voice and silent meditations,
- breathing practices,
- yoga classes,
- practice of working with the energies of the elements,
- as well as other forms of work with the mind, body and energy system of man.
The training has a profound transforming effect on the energy system and the level of participants' vibrations, which is directly manifested in changes at the physiological, emotional and spiritual levels.

Therefore, if you want to continue training in the Akasha system, the recommended break between the steps is at least 2 months. 

Training program:
Day 1
3 parts of personality: consciousness, unconscious, Higher Self. Energy bodies and human chakras - acquaintance and practical research. 

Day 2
Morning meditation and energy charging. Purification of the unconscious through the transformation of the Time Line and other transformational processes. Meditation on strengthening communication with the Higher Self.

 Day 3
Morning meditation and energy charging. Four elements and balancing of energy. Preparation for initiation. Initiation.

Day 4
Morning meditation and energy charging. Practical application of the Akasha system. Demonstration sessions with Jack Makani. Training of participants in pairs and mini-groups.

Day 5
Travel to places of power, establishing contact with the energies of nature. Establishment of contact with spiritual power.

Day 6
Creating a focus on the desired future. 

For more information please visit http://akasha-training.ru/

Location Montenegro
Training start: May 1 at 10:00
End of training: May 6 at 17:00

Cost of participation in the training: € 550
Training Venue: This location creates a truly unique landscape that you can enjoy for hours. Venue - Hotel Vile Oliva Petrovac , which is located in a beautiful park with olive trees, 80 meters from the beach: