Create the life you want – the 7 steps, Russia

"Whatever you think about yourself, you are much more." Jack Makani

- to determine their true goals and to come closer to understanding their mission in life;
- identify deep values ​​and set life priorities;
- to get rid of limiting beliefs that prevent you from living the way you want;
- integrate new resource beliefs that will support you in achieving your goals;
- Create a powerful conscious and unconscious focus on the desired goals and changes;
- Get rid of the negative emotions that deprive you of strength and vitality;
- resolve situations from the past;
- return your inner strength, energy and freedom;
- learn to find the necessary resources and direct them to achieve goals.

When registering for training it is IMPORTANT TO HAVE READINESS to change your life! 

Intensive internal work
"Create the life of your dreams" is 2 days of deep inner work. Working with your future is an individual transformation process. You will go through all the stages of this process under the direct guidance of Jack Makani .

7 practical steps to achieve your goal
The training is based on 7 practical life principles formulated by Jack Makani as a result of a long life and many years of work in the field of personal development. Thanks to these 7 recommendations, you will learn how to realize your most important goals.

Exemption from limiting beliefs and negative emotions
The main tool when working at the training is the "Time Line" transformation method. This is a special technology NLP, which allows you to make the desired changes in your life scenario . The method will help to get rid of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that affect your life.

Creating a powerful focus on important goals
The key point of the training is reprogramming your LINE OF THE FUTURE. You can direct the liberated resources of the unconscious to realize your goals, creating a powerful focus on those changes that you want to realize .

Individual coaching
At the training there is a profound transformation work and during 2 days Jack Makani is assisted by the professional coaches of the Association "ICTA". This means that within the training, in addition to the main program, you can get an individual coaching session.

 Organizational information:  March 24-25, 2018

March 24 9.30 hrs - registration, 10: 00-18.00 hrs - training
March 25 10: 00-18: 00 hour - training
Organized coffee breaks and a lunch break.
Hotel Tenet, 2 floor, conference hall "Europe" Ekaterinburg, Khokhryakova str., 1a (5 minutes walk from the metro station "Ploshchad 1905 goda")

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Location Yakaterinburg