Akasha Seminar, Cyprus

Akasha Healing Seminar Nov 14th - 19th 2017
Once again Makani Academy invite people to participate in the transformational Akasha Healing Seminar in Cyprus. A unique and transformational training with focus on balancing our energies and open our hearts even more. By doing this we will be able to serve the world with a deeper feeling of congruency, alignment and effortlessness.

Language: English
Course fee (incl. training, administration and excursion)
Level 1: 580 euro => 4.320 DKK
Level 2: 520 euro => 3.870 DKK
Level 3: 470 euro => 3.500 DKK
Level 4-8: 410 euro => 3.060 DKK

Location: Lordos Beach Hotel, Larnaca
41,50 euro per. person in double room with half board.
Single room additional 17 euro pr. day
Superior room additional 6 euro pr. day
Front sea room additional 9 euro pr. day
Accomodation booking at Lordos Beach Hotel
For the akasha seminar please book before October 31st :