Self Coaching Program, Cyprus

November 6-12, 2017
We invite you for a seven days trip, with Jack Makani. The trip will start with your goal setting and will finish after you will find necessary resources and internal force to achieving your goal. The NLP master, "The line of time", shaman - Jack Makani will help you to find all necessary resources to achieving the goal.

The best technics are brought together in the program for Self-Coaching!!!

The training purpose:
- to give you unique technique and some tools for your own use to look into your soul and your heart.
- to show you how to make your own right decisions, and identify what is good or bad for yourself.
-to teach you how to choose your purpose and to focus the thoughts in this direction.
After you will have mastered all steps, you will undoubtedly become the master of your destiny.

Venue of a training:
The training will take place in one of the favourite places of Jack - on the lake of Cyprus.
Lordos Beach Hotel hotel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, near Larnaca.
You can combine this training with the rest on the sea, becouse classes time will be at 13:30 till 21:00

The self-coaching program consists of:
1) techniques, which you can use for selfcoaching.
2) a travel in places of force, to the mountains Troodas and the Kikksky monastery

Cost of 7 days Training:
680 euros if you make 50% payment till 21 Sept. After 21 Nov the cost are 750 euros. 
After training you can make a one-day travel to Israel (13.11) - to visit the holy sites. 

For detailed information:
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Further inquiries please contact to
Mrs. Galina Zaloga

Location Lordos Beach Hotel, Cyprus
Further inquiries please contact to
Mrs. Galina Zaloga