Akasha seminar, Palanga

August 22-27, in Palanga (Lithuania)

What is Akasha System
Akasha system (Sanskrit akasa - fine spiritual essence pervading all space; air; the fundamental principle of the universe) - is a unique system of spiritual development and healing created honored master in the field of spiritual and personal development Jack Makani (Denmark).

The system is aimed at:
- Maintenance of physical, mental and spiritual health
- Establishing a connection with higher spiritual forces
- Understanding and implementation of their mission in life
- Skills development of energy healing to help yourself and others

Akasha practice based on the use of 27 powerful power of symbols, each of which has its own unique function and purpose. Symbols Jack were obtained directly from his spiritual guides are the result of more than 25 years of spiritual seeking and learning in different traditions around the world.

Education for Akasha system consists of a series of 6-7 day site trainings. Each training course is aimed at a deep inner transformation, and includes:
- dynamic dance movement and voice meditation,
- breathing practices,
- yoga classes,
- practice working with the energies of the elements,
- as well as other forms of work with mind, body and the human energy system. 

Akasha trainings are designed for people who:
Feel that spiritual development is for them an important value in life
They want a tangible effect on their health, emotional balance and achieving results in life
It seeks to better understand and implement their mission in life and to strengthen contact with the Higher Self
They want to gain the support of the higher spiritual forces in everyday life
They want to learn practical tools of energy healing
Mature enough to stop just to read about spirituality, and are willing to learn practical tools of spiritual development

The training program:
Day 1: 3 parts of the personality, consciousness, unconscious, higher self energy of the body and the human chakra - familiarity and practical research.
Day 2: Morning Meditation. Study of negative emotions with the help of respiratory therapy and dynamic tantsedvigatelnyh practices. Establishing a connection with the Higher Self
Day 3: Morning Meditation. Four elements and energy balancing. Establishing communication with the unconscious: identification of limiting beliefs, the internal parts and emerging diseases. At the end of the day participants are initiated and receive healing 9 characters.
Day 4: Morning Meditation. A trip to the mountains, to establish communication with the natural energies. At the end of the day, participants received 9 activate healing symbols and learn to use them in practice.
Day 5: Trip to places of power, establishment of contact with the energies of spiritual places. Making contact with the spiritual power.
Day 6: Morning Meditation. Education healing work with yourself and others. The study mission in life. Maintaining mental and physical health in everyday life. Drawing up an individual plan.

The terms of participation:
Akasha training system enables significant transformation processes in the unconscious, and the energy level, so to participate in the training you need to meet the following requirements:
At least 100 hours of training in any of the areas of Applied Psychology (NLP, gestalt, coaching, body-oriented psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy, psychoanalytic, etc.).

Venue:, Palangos Zuvedra www.palangos-zuvedra.ru 

Sign up for training, as well as additional information are available @ Russia  +7 929 931 77 25

For more infomration kindly visit http://vektor-rosta.ru/akasha-trainings