Medicine for the future

Jack Makani: I would like to introduce this new healing methodology which have already given amazing results. I can recommend it because it has helped me a number of times. You can find contact info in the end of the article.

SCIO – a quantum medical treatment device developed by former NASA professor

Modern quantum medicine has taught us that everything consists of both solid and energy. Everything – also the human body and its various organs – emits different and individual energy frequencies due to the fluctuations of the molecules. This knowledge can be used today for medical purposes.

Hungarian Professor William C. Nelson has worked for General Motors and has helped develop the gyro navigation system in NASA’s Apollo spacecraft program. Recently, he has been in charge of an international research team, developing the SCIO Quantum Medical Treatment Unit.

Analyzes and processes with electromagnetic frequencies

The SCIO has a comprehensive database that contains electromagnetic frequencies for all common bacteria, viruses, parasites, vitamins, minerals, diseased conditions, natural medicines of different kinds and much, much more.

During a treatment, all the device’s more than 9,000 frequencies are sent to the body, one by one. Although each impulse only lasts for 1/100 seconds, the body reacts as if it is actually exposed to the physical virus, bacterium, etc. The device reads the reaction and, on this basis, can analyze the health status of the body.

If the analysis shows that the body needs to be administered or disposed of, the SCIO can also treat.

What the body needs is supplied as a specific electromagnetic frequency. Just like the device can add frequencies that stimulate the body to even get rid of, for example, harmful microorganisms or toxins.

SCIO can balance almost all physical, mental and emotional problems and imbalances. SCIO activates your self-healing mechanisms. During the treatment itself, you will not notice anything. However, the many processes the device starts, continues for several hours after treatment. And you will often get tired afterwards.

Future medicine
The SCIO contains the world’s largest and most complex medical software. In my work with this complicated device, I have seen the most incredible results. And I’m convinced that quantum medicine is the medicine of the future.

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