Happy New Year 2019

Dear Friends – How are you doing? Hope you have time to enjoy the seasonal celebrations. I finished in Hyderbad yesterday. It was a NLP Master and an Akasha training with some wonderful Indians. I loved to be their guide and wish to thank Mind Matrix for once again to set up trainings for me. May this expand further in 2019.
Now I am in the lounge in New Delhi waiting for my flight further to Kathmandu. I will be in Nepal until February 10th and teach different trainings. I guess this visit to Nepal is my last one. I have been working close together with Visionary International for a number of years and transferred all my knowledge and skills to them and there is no need for me any more in Nepal ❤️❤️🇳🇵🇳🇵❤️❤️..
One chapter close down and one opens in US later next year.
How is life – For me it is very meaningful and this is what make me going. I would really wish for all of you that whoever you are and whatever you are doing – it creates meaning in your life. and if not it may be time to take this shift from 2018 – 2019 as an opportunity to start to do something meaningfull for yourself and your loved ones.
Love to you all Jack ♥️
27th Dec 2018