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SCIO - a quantum medical treatment device developed by former NASA professor
Modern quantum medicine has taught us that everything consists of both solid and energy. Everything - also the human body and its various organs - emits different and individual energy frequencies due to the fluctuations of the molecules. This knowledge can be used today for medical purposes.
Hungarian Professor William C. Nelson has worked for General Motors and has helped develop the gyro navigation system in NASA's Apollo spacecraft program. Recently, he has been in charge of an international research team, developing the SCIO Quantum Medical Treatment Unit. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017 19:30

Peace in the World!

Peace in the World! How do we ever get to that? Do we actually have a chance to live in a world with peace? That’s a good question.

It has been common understanding for years that a thought from you can reach out to the furthest corner of the universe. The idea is that your thoughts are like anything else just a piece of energy and your thinking set this piece of energy into motion. The assumption is that this piece of energy influence everything on its way. If that assumption is correct then we are influencing everything else all the time with our thinking and talking etc. 

Saturday, 17 June 2017 15:42

The Changing World Featured

Hello everybody! Sometimes I reflect on the bigger patterns I see in the world today and I would like to share some of my observations with you. I have been in the so-called Self-development business for the last 26 years and further to that I have always had an interest in collection information. 
What I see today is a world in a huge transformation process like nothing else we have ever experienced before. Some trainers use the chakra system to describe it and call it the opening of the Heart Center....Read more