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Never mind if you take this education for your own benefit or if you want to become a professional within Personal Development Business you will benefit a lot at the personal level from taking the program. The Full Education is designed to last 4/5 years and if you go all the way you are supposed to graduate as a Full Transformational Holistic Initiator and Trainer and certified to run your own Transformational Holistic Institute if you like. The program is designed as flexible as possible to satisfy your needs. You can take a break any time and come back later and continue or simply decide that you have had what you needed. Akasha Trainings are offered all over the world: Hawaii, Montenegro, Cyprus, India, Nepal, Lithuania, Norway and more. So it is an opportunity to see the world and make new connections and relations while tanking the Akasha seminars.

Here is a brief summary:
If you wish to become a professional then contact us and start to put your education together supervised by Makani master trainers.

Akasha Training

1st year: Transformational Holistic Coach

Akasha level 1
– What is energy? Principles/Presuppositions.
– The model of the World. The 3 minds.
– The Chakra System. The 5 Elements.
– The use of Pendulum.
– Level 1 symbols and how to use them

Akasha level 2
– Initiation to level 2 symbols and introduction to Transformational Holistic Coaching.
– How to create rapport with another person.
– Practice Healing with someone.
– Extra content: How to use sub-modalities. The use of anchoring and how to collapse anchors. The 3 positions and how to balance positions.

Akasha level 3
– Initiation to level 3 symbols and how to use them.
– What is Ascension and how to maintain ´grounding´.
– Extra content: How to analyze own belief-system and how to change a limiting belief. How to strengthen a belief. The Value clarification Process. The use of linguistic presuppositions

NLP Practitioner 



2nd year: Transformational Holistic Master Coach

Akasha level 4
– Level 4 initiation.
– The sources behind the Akasha symbols and how to make contact.
 Extra content: Parts-integration with infinity loop. The Walt Disney creativity process. How to use trance in change work.

Akasha level 5
– Level 5 initiation.
– How to do distance healing in praxis.
– What does it means to live from the Heart.
– Personal ethics.
Extra content: The Neurological Levels. Maintaining Mental Health, Hoó pono pono – The Process of Forgiveness.

Akasha level 6
– Level 6 initiation.
– How to perform Personal Energy Transformation (PET) The Process of Creation including the vision/mission process.
– Training in flexible and creative use of Transformational Holistic Coaching.

(should qualify to ICTA Professional Master Coach)

NLP Master Practitioner




3rd year: Transformational Holistic Mentor and Healer

Akasha level 7.1-2
– Level 7.1-2 initiation.
– How to prepare, clean up and initiate a client at level 1 and 2.
– How to teach the knowledge and skills at those levels.
– The Timeline Transformation Floor Model (TTTFM). Assistant work at lower levels

Akasha level 7.3-4
– Level 7.3-4 initiation.
– How to prepare, clean up and initiate a client at level 3 and 4.
– How to teach the knowledge and skills of those levels.
– How to transform or remove entities. Assistant work at lower levels.

Akasha level 7.5 – 6 
– Level 7.5-6 initiation.
– How to prepare, clean up and initiate a client at level 5 and 6.
– How to teach the knowledge and skills at those levels.
– Assistant work at lower levels.

Enneagram Practitioner (also online)

Enneagram Master Training



4th Year: Transformational Holistic Initiator and Trainer

 Akasha level 8.1
–  Initiation.
– Planning an Akasha Training.
– Assistant work at all levels.

Akasha level 8.2 
– Initiation.
– How to initiate at all Akasha levels in praxis.

A Trainers Training