When I came across the title “Akasha Training” some years ago, I had no external clue on what transformations, going to the seminars, would bring into my life. Yet, in some mysterious way, I felt something inside me trying to reach my attention, stronger than I never experienced before. I was called from the inside of my physical being, to act now, on what I haven’t been able to act on earlier in my life. I was finally ready. It was time.

Jack Makani, with his long professional career in personal development on the deepest levels, helped me to awaken the deepest part of me that have been sleeping for ages. So openhearted, so full of respect for every person present, a safe place was established for me to release my deepest traumas, connect to my inner wisdom, strength, courage, and trust in myself so profoundly, that I don’t even have the words to describe it.

Illusions are falling apart even long after, and I am becoming more present in the now, with every breath I take as the days go by. As a byproduct of that, I am now able, to use the mastery of true personal transformation, create the life that I want, and help others to do the same themselves. I cannot describe it. It just has to be experienced. My deepest and most sincere recommendation, that I have ever expressed in words are going to Jack Makani and his team of healers all over the world. If you like me, have this voice from within, trying to call you, please listen.

Kristian Brandt, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coach & Holistic Master Healer