Akasha level 8.1
The Outcome for Akasha level 8.1 is
• To take the special 8.1 initiation and start a deeper personal process of transformation that makes the Initiate ready to receive Akasha level 8.2 initiation and become authorized as Full Akasha Initiator around 6-9 month later.
• To teach Akasha basis groups and Akasha level groups during a training.
• To assist the Full Holistic Initiator & Trainer with Initiations and other assistance during a training.
• To work on and prepare a plan for how to organize and lead an Akasha Training with students in a local area or somewhere else.
After you have taken the 8.1 Initiation there may be some spiritual, psychological and psychical reactions during the integration period of 6-9 month. Consult your Full Initiator about it.

Section 1. Let´s look into rules of authorizations.
Section 2. How to plan and lead an Akasha Training.